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You're a few days from heading out on a hard earned vacation. Your wish list of the latest and greatest gear has been filled for a month and you've been day dreaming about that first bite on Hat Creek.

In anticipation of a week fishing the Riffle, Baum Lake, Manzanita, the Pit and your own private stretch of Hat Creek just 50 feet from your luxury cabin, you call ahead to The Lodge to order supplies for your stay. Our staff fills your grocery list, makes reservations for your guided trips and places your favorite tackle ready for casting. You're met at the one of three near by airports by our staff person, who delivers you to your own private cabin stocked for your stay at Hat Creek and the surrounding area.

The appeal of the of your fractional ownership at Hat Creek Lodge is the complete hassle free experience in the exclusive hunting and fishing environment of the Hat Creek Area. Whether you're hunting rocky mountain elk, mule or black tailed deer, pronghorn antelope, black bear, wild turkey, waterfowl or fishing for trophy browns, rainbows, brook trout or bass. You're always at home at Hat Creek Lodge. In addition to having a staff for personalized service at your disposal, you never have to worry about repairs, maintenance or housekeeping which is included in the price and annual fees taken care of by the Hat Creek Lodge Management.

The number of fractional ownership resort developments is limited and demand is high. This demand is directly linked to the size, exclusivity and amenities of Hat Creek's facilities. The direct purchase of a vacation home of this quality, 50 feet from the Hat would cost up to 14 times the price of your Hat Creek Lodge fractional. As a result, it is likely there will be substantial appreciation compared to the depreciation that normally occurs with traditional time based ownership options. Contact us to purchase your piece of the pie!

The resale value of Hat Creek Lodge continues to increase because of the limited number of exclusive and highly desirable locations available for this quality of private residence living. Demand will always outpace supply with the continuous outcome of property appreciation. Why would a Hat Creek Lodge fractional appreciate while timeshares typically depreciate upon purchase? Simple put, Hat Creek Lodge put a much higher percent of your purchase dollar into premium quality materials and household furnishings versus commissions and sales team overhead as high as 60% typical of timeshare models. Resale values of timeshares are historically poor because of the large number of units available, the continuous stream of new developments and the lack of a secondary market. Additionally, Hat Creek Lodge caters to groups interested in fishing, hunting, golfing, hiking, skiing, snowmobiling and sight seeing which ensures demand for our lodging all year long.

Benefits Of Purchasing During Phase One Construction
Our Phase I pricing has closed out with the sales during the 2010 Sportsman Shows. Fractional Ownership packages are currently being priced at Phase II pricing. To lock your Phase II pricing for Fractional Ownership at Hat Creek Lodge call or email us: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 1-530-335-FISH (3474).

For further information and Hat Creek Lodge Fractional Ownership documentation, contact us for a private consultation to see if Hat Creek Lodge is right for you.

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